Our Mission

LEI Products is a faith-based company whose goal is to be good stewards of the resources God has placed on this earth. LEI is dedicated to creating innovative environmental solutions for today’s “green” conscious world. All products by LEI are focused on turning waste into revenue, maximizing the potential of natural and financial resources.

LEI Strives to provide their customers with quality products that meet their needs and build strong relationships through superior customer service. While creating a positive working environment for their employees, LEI Products design, manufactures, and sells from their home base in Madisonville, Kentucky.

Customer Testimonials

After burning grain for a number of years I was looking for a boiler that would burn a cheaper fuel. The ability to burn bulk wood chips is what sold me on the Bio-Burner.  Have you seen the price of corn lately?

Burning solid fuel does take some effort compared to gas. You have to feed and clean the unit at regular intervals. Saving money while burning a renewable fuel, and not being tied to a single fuel source that fluctuates wildly in price, make the extra work worthwhile.


Turkey Farmer, BB-500

We purchased two BB-500’s this summer and immediately put them to use curing tobacco. After curing season we moved the burners to our greenhouses where they will carry almost the entire heat load through the winter. We’ve been well pleased with their performance at both locations and extremely satisfied with the support that has been given by the entire LEI team!


Tobacco Farmer, BB-500