Biomass Heating Systems

The LEI Bio-Burners are multi-fuel biomass heating systems and continuous-feed BioChar makers that can be attached to any existing climate control units. Each LEI Bio-Burner has automated computer controls, a highly efficient and clean burn, and has passed safety standards for indoor and outdoor use. With several different BTU outputs to choose from, the LEI Bio-Burner has applications in everything from heating large homes to heating greenhouses to burning horse manure. The LEI Bio-Burner turns biomass waste streams into cheap (or free!) fuel for heat and offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to take a local biomass waste stream into value-added product. The multi-fuel capabilities allow the LEI Bio-Burner to function as a woodchip boiler, sawdust boiler, pellet boiler, solid fuel boiler, and more! The unique technology and precisely automated controls allow the Bio-Burner to run for days or even weeks between refueling and require only simple software adjustments when switching between fuels. The LEI Bio-Burner is the most unique multi-fuel biomass heating system around!

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