Biomass Processing Systems

The LEI Biomass Processing Systems are designed to turn biomass waste streams into value-added products. Whether you’re looking for a way to dehydrate, pasteurize, and pulverize manures, create high quality BioChar, or make colored mulch, there is an LEI Biomass Processing System to get the job done. The LEI Biomass Processing Systems offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to utilize local biomass waste streams to create value-added products from things like animal bedding, manures, wood waste, agricultural waste, and more. This creates ecologically beneficial solutions and improves local economies. Possible industries that could benefit highly from LEI Biomass Processing Systems include but are not limited to: tree services who want to make their own mulch, horse barns who want to burn horse manure, poultry houses who want to make fertilizer, greenhouses and other agricultural facilities, municipal facilities, and more. The unique technologies available from LEI Products and its family of Bio-Burners, Biomass Processing Systems, and BioChar Makers create endless solutions for otherwise unusable biomass waste streams.

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