The Bio-Burner – BB-300

The Bio-Burner BB-300 is a multi-fuel biomass heating system and BioChar maker that can be attached to any existing climate control unit. BB-300 has up to 300,000BTU output, automated computer controls, highly efficient and clean burn, and passes all safety standards for indoor and outdoor use.

Product Description

What is the Bio-Burner BB-300?

The Bio-Burner BB-300 is a multi-fuel biomass heating system and biochar maker with up to a 300,000BTU output. It is a woodchip boiler, sawdust boiler, pellet boiler, solid fuel boiler, and more. It’s the perfect solution for burning horse manure, heating greenhouses, and other light industrial applications. It is designed to burn inexpensive and locally available biomass waste as fuel for heat and to create high-quality biochar (>75% carbon). The BB-300 has multiple fuel bin options and is safety rated for indoor and outdoor use. Its intuitive automated computer controls coordinate temperature monitoring, fuel input and air injection speed, fuel ignition and re-light, automatic gas backup option, and ash removal to create the cleanest and most efficient burn.

Why is the Bio-Burner the best multi-fuel biomass boiler?

The Bio-Burner is unique as a solid fuel boiler as it burns many types of biomass fuels with days or even weeks of runtime between fuel bin refills and requires only software adjustments when changing fuel types. It has automatic gas backup for when fuel bin is empty. The emissions from the Bio-Burner are extremely clean due to precise controls and unique technology which completely burns fuel in a single pass and has automated settings that turn the Bio-Burner into a continual-feed biochar maker. You will never see creosote buildup and you’ll never see a single spark escape through the exhaust. Maintenance is easy because of the zero-creosote burn and automated ash removal. The Bio-Burner is a hydronic heater and is meant to be coupled with an existing heat exchanger or heat distribution system such as radiant heat or forced air heat.

How does the Bio-Burner work and what can I burn?

The Bio-Burner is designed for burning biomass such as woodchips, sawdust, pellets, horse manure, animal bedding, and more.  Fuel is automatically metered into burn chamber and ignited via natural gas or propane. Once temperature is achieved the gas shuts off and temperature is maintained with biomass fuel only. Hot air exits the burn chamber and runs through decoupled water heat exchanger. Once water is heated, the hot water is delivered to connected climate control unit to provide heat for applications such as domestic hot water, radiant heat, or forced air heat.

Technical Specifications

Heat Output

300,000 BTU (88+kw) Continuous

BioChar System

Continuous feed Premium BioChar production system included.

Ash Removal

Automatic combustion chamber ash removal. Manual ports for HX & cyclone ash.

Gas Ignition & Backup

Propane or Natural Gas 399K BTU input (1" NPT)

Fuel Bin Capacity

2 Cubic Yard, 6 Cubic Yard, 12 Cubic Yard

User Interface

Touch screen controls with remote access capabilities.

Maximum Fuel Size

B50 Chip (see chart for details)

Acceptable Fuel Moisture

Up to 50% MC (wet basis)

Temperature Ranges

Water – 135-185/205 ºF, Flue – 250-450 ºF, Combustion – 1100-1700 ºF

Water Storage

88 Gallons

Water Hookup

2" NPT

Water Pump

50 GPM (included)

Water Flow Rate Required

50 GPM (minimum)

Boiler Protection Valve

135 Degree (included)


2,900 LBS

Power Requirement

220 VAC, 20 amps

Flue Pipe Size


Internal Air Control

Computer Controlled VFD

Fuel Stir Motor

115 VAC constant speed

Heat Exchanger Turbulators

External access for easy cleaning