LEI-BPS – Biomass Processing System

The LEI Biomass Processing System (LEI-BPS) is an automated biomass processing system that dehydrates, pasteurizes, and pulverizes waste biomass and turns it into value-added products. It is designed to accompany the LEI Bio-Burner for a full range of biomass utilization possibilities.


What is the LEI Biomass Processing System?

The LEI Biomass Processing System (LEI-BPS) is a biomass processing system which turns biomass waste into value-added products such as animal bedding, biochar, fertilizers, and many more. Its intelligent, automated design and fully customizable options allow entrepreneurs to harness a biomass waste stream for environmental and economic advantages. Because it is designed to be paired with the LEI Bio-Burner, there are efficiency and little-to-no emissions during the process. The LEI-BPS can be adapted to fit both the Bio-Burner 500 (BB-500) and the Bio-Burner 1000 (BB-1000).

Why is the LEI-BPS the best biomass processing system?

The LEI-BPS has a number of customizable, intelligent, automated features that allow the user to create value added products from biomass waste. Possible products include (but are not limited to): animal bedding, BioChar, fertilizers, mulch, soil amendments, animal feed, biomass fuel, etc. Its automated features include:

  • Computer automation between the LEI Bio-Burner and LEI-BPS
    • Can be used as heat source for multiple uses simultaneously; user programmable priorities (dryer on/off as heat is available)
  • Multiple level censors for product feed and output shut-offs
  • “Heat Dump” feature for safety and to create product without capturing heat
  • Liquid injection option (ie glycerin dust control, mulch colorization, sweet feed ingredients)

How does the LEI-BPS work?

Biomass waste is added to the (standard) 4 yard fuel bin and fed through the first drying tube. It is dried by up to 1,000 degree air inside the tube and surrounded by a hot water jacketed tube (205 degrees) as it is fed to the end of the tube and into the hammermill. Once product is processed through the hammermill, it is fed through a second drying tube and out the other end. Here are some details:

  • Processes between up to 2 tons per hour (depends on original moisture content and gearbox speed)
  • 80’ of drying tubes (2 40’ tubes)
  • Hybrid drying system
    • Flash dries using up to 1,000degree air
  • Hot water jacketed tubes at 205degrees (also a safety feature)
  • Optional 2 10horsepower hammer mills with multiple screen sizes (3/16” to 2”)
  • 4 yard product bin
  • 4-6 yard maximum auger capacity
  • Footprint approximately 20’x60’ with layout flexibility, some parts of machine can be outdoors under shelter

Additional information

pH Level

Plant Neutral pH, Low pH


5 Gallons, 10 Gallons, 30 Gallons

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